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n. pl. pierogi or pie·ro·gis or pie·ro·gies
A semicircular dumpling with any of various fillings, such as finely chopped meat or vegetables, that is often sautéed after being boiled.

[Polish, pl. of pieróg, pie, Russian pirog, from Old Russian pirogŭ, from pirŭ, feast, from Proto-Slavic *pirŭ; see pō(i)- in Indo-European roots.]
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Over 400 guests enjoyed meeting friends and colleagues, while sampling popular Cleveland foods such as pierogies, walleye and bratwurst.
Since pierogies first made their debut in America almost 100 years ago, their popularity has grown considerably.
After feasting on melt-in-the mouth pierogies - local dumplings - and wild boar stew washed down with plenty of crisp Polish rose wine, we headed to Kazimierz to dance off our dinner.
Testing is completed New Bar Snack Line 'Slammers' Pierogies with a Twist 'Buffalo Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak' and more, on its way to a Hot AMERICAN DELICACY for Sports Bar Lovers.
The Ukrainians brought with them more than pierogies.
The Aramark culinary team has dreamed up a great roster of delicious dogs, loaded with toppings ranging from pierogies to Philly cheese steak, so there is something for everyone on the menu.
Golapkis (stuffed cabbage), kapusta and kielbasa, pierogies, cruscikis and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs will be served throughout the day.
I long ago got acquainted with pierogies from my Grandmother Kakolewska who, as the ambassador noted, I had the rare opportunity to see and be in the church in Poland in January where my great-grandparents were married.
I fueled up with a sampler of pierogies, award-winning goat cheese, crunchy hemp seeds, and fresh fruit, and headed back to Peninsula to catch the train.
In her Prekmurje episode, she drove a tractor; learned to make Gibanica, a traditional dessert, from a grandmother with 60 years of baking experience; visited an ecological farm; ground her own flour; and showed off her Polish-American heritage by making pierogies with local sour cabbage.
Where else can you find Pirates, Penguins, Steelers, Pierogies, Yinz and Gumbands in the same city?
There are two Ukrainian churches in the area and, along Tamiami Trail, no fewer than four stores dealing exclusively in specialty products from Poland, Russia, and Ukraine--freshly pickled cucumbers, kefir, smoked fish, caviar, pierogies, farmers' cheese, beer, chocolate and more.