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 (pē′ə-rō′, pyĕ-rō′)
A character in French pantomime, dressed in a floppy white outfit.

[French, diminutive of the name Pierre, Peter, from Old French, from Latin Petrus.]


(ˈpɪərəʊ; French pjɛro)
1. (Theatre) a male character from French pantomime with a whitened face, white costume, and pointed hat
2. (usually not capital) a clown or masquerader so made up


(ˌpi əˈroʊ; Fr. pyɛˈroʊ)

n., pl. -rots (-ˈroʊz; Fr. -ˈroʊ)
a male character in certain French pantomimes having a whitened face and wearing a loose white costume.
[1735–45; < French, diminutive of Pierre Peter]
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Noun1.Pierrot - a male character in French pantomimePierrot - a male character in French pantomime; usually dressed in white with a whitened face


[ˈpɪərəʊ] Npierrot m


nPierrot m
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