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Noun1.J. P. Morgan - United States financier and philanthropist (1837-1913)J. P. Morgan - United States financier and philanthropist (1837-1913)
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Want Europe,' if he's Napoleon; 'want wives,' if he's Bluebeard; 'want Botticelli,' if he's Pierpont Morgan.
Imelda, 68, of Mirfield, contacted the Morgan Library and Museum - formerly the Pierpont Morgan - in New York but the news was initially not good.
The PS1,700-a-night Morgan's Vault is carved out of the basement of the 30 James Street home of the Titanic apartment hotel, former headquarters of the White Star Line, which was once owned by the banker John Pierpont Morgan.
I had not known the extent to which Berenson's career was intertwined with that of Roger Fry, that he put money into the Burlington Magazine, which then rejected his first article, that he had hoped to be offered the job of curator of paintings at the Metropolitan Museum, which was given to Fry, and that it was Fry who advised Pierpont Morgan on his acquisitions, not Berenson.
Images, texts, and marginalia in a "Vows of the peacock" manuscript (New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS G24); with a complete concordance and catalogue of Peacock manuscripts.
Pierpont Morgan used the crisis to solidify his stature and flex his political muscle -- lending money to failing companies and governments in exchange for a great deal of control over their future activities, in essence creating a "money trust.
Pierpont Morgan, whose name remains central to the financial world today in the modern successor to his firm, JPMorgan Chase
One that sounds good, and a real one," said the American financier John Pierpont Morgan.
A noted 19th-century financier and art collector, John Pierpont Morgan was also an avid supporter of an emerging, turn-of-the-century technology: electric light.
None of the manuscripts of Jane Austen's completed novels survive, with the exception of two draft chapters of 'Persuasion' (at the British Library), Austen's juvenile work 'Lady Susan' (at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York) and the fragment 'Sanditon' (at King's College, Cambridge), the only other autograph novel manuscript of comparable length.
We are fortunate that both J Pierpont Morgan and John D Rockefeller were great art collectors, so we have a diverse range of art from around the world in our house.
One of the maxims Junius instilled into his son, John Pierpont Morgan, was, "Never under any circumstances do an action which could be called into question if known to the world.