Pierre Curie

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Noun1.Pierre Curie - French physicist; husband of Marie Curie (1859-1906)
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Besides Marie and Pierre Curie, who else won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903?
The Mosers join an exclusive club of married couples to win a Nobel Prize that includes scientific greats Pierre Curie and Marie Curie.
1906: Pierre Curie, French physicist who worked with his wife Marie on magnetism and radioactivity and who discovered radium, was killed in a carriage accident in Paris.
The build-up of varnish had as if flattened out the painting," said Pierre Curie, head of paintings at the C2RMF.
Pierre Curie (Electronic Text Center, University of VirginiaLibrary, http://etext.
Marie & Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout
She is famous for the pioneering research she conducted with her husband Pierre Curie in radioactivity - a term she coined herself.
In 1894, Marie met Pierre Curie, a well-known scientist and professor at the Paris School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry.
org, under Marie and Pierre Curie, to read about what happened to her and her husband from radiation.
In 1895 she married a physicist Pierre Curie, with whom she worked until his tragic death in 1906.