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Noun1.Piet Mondrian - Dutch painter whose work (intersecting lines at right angles and planes in primary colors) influenced the development of abstract art (1872-1944)Piet Mondrian - Dutch painter whose work (intersecting lines at right angles and planes in primary colors) influenced the development of abstract art (1872-1944)
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DUSSELDORF: CURATED BY MARION ACKERMANN AND ISABELLE MALZ WITH ANSGAR LORENZ) In a nice twist to the ubiquity of the modernist black square, this excellent show explored the use of white in the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, and Piet Mondrian.
A GIANT man-made celebration of the work of Piet Mondrian will be created at Liverpool's Pier Head.
Extending into more contemporary artworks, a Piet Mondrian that was previously part of the former Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Berge Collection, a painting by Alexander Calder and a series of nine canvases by contemporary artist Cy Twombly will also be on display.
Also included are works by Maurice de Vlaminck, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Max Beckmann, Vasily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, Fernand Leger, Piet Mondrian, Constantin BrEoncusi, Alberto Giacometti, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Paul Klee.
Adrian O'Brien's Piet Mondrian, recent Leopardstown winner Barack, veteran Maundy Money and the versatile Brog Deas all have prospects.
When I turned the machine on again, it made all the right noises and the screen lit up but the picture it displayed, instead of being the usual start screen, looked like a black-and-white version of the sort of thing the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian might have produced on a bad day.
Famous people born in 1872 included British philosopher Bertrand Russell, Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, French aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot and Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen (left).
Plans for the Biscuit Box are to be heavily influenced by the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, with white and brightly-coloured cubes, squares and rectangles featuring in the building design.
The Dutch cubist painter Piet Mondrian knew that in art you could have as much impact with clean lines and blocks of flat colour as with intricate patterns and details - and the same also goes with interior decor in your home.
Levy is a noted connoisseur, collector, advisor, and is regarded a leading expert in the work of such figures as Yves Klein, Piet Mondrian, Albert Giacometti, and Alexander Calder.
While I've experimented with a number of artists, my "go-to" artists are Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Bridget Riley.
For an exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, London, running February 16-May 20, 2012, curators Green and Wright have compiled a catalogue for this first show to explore the creative friendship between Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and British artist Ben Nicholson (1894-1982).