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Noun1.Peter Paul Rubens - prolific Flemish baroque painterPeter Paul Rubens - prolific Flemish baroque painter; knighted by the English king Charles I (1577-1640)
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ATHENS, Greece, Shawwal 3, 1432, Sep 1, 2011, SPA -- Greek police recovered a 17th century painting by Flemish master Pieter Paul Rubens stolen from a museum in Belgium a decade ago, AP cited authorities as saying Thursday.
Melion asserts, "In fact the Annotations and Meditations was revered as a canon of subjects to be consulted by painters such as Pieter Paul Rubens, whose Raising of the Cross of 1610 .
Visit the Diamond Museum for cutting demonstrations on Saturdays or take in the famed Ruben's House - named after the 17th century painter Pieter Paul Rubens.