Pietra dura

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Pi`e´tra du´ra

1.(Fine Arts) Hard and fine stones in general, such as are used for inlay and the like, as distinguished from the softer stones used in building; thus, a Florentine mosaic is a familiar instance of work in pietra dura, though the ground may be soft marble.
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Maharaja Ranjit Singh's ashes are contained in a marble urn in the shape of a lotus that is sheltered under a marble pavilion inlaid with pietra dura (mosaic artwork with precious and semi-precious stones).
Influence by Islamic art, Maliha's collection was a tribute to the masterpieces of the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires with the design ethos ranging from the pietra dura mosaics of Mughal architecture to the illuminations that decorate ancient Quranic scripts and opulent particular collection titled the "Three Empires" exhibited successfully in Dubai and Lahore.
Notable works on exhibit are "Cupid with Soap Bubble," by Rembrandt; "Portrait of a Man," by Raphael; "Portrait of Maria de Tassis," by Van Dyck; "Portrait of Clara Serena Rubens" and "Head of a Bearded Man," by Rubens; and the Pietra Dura ornate chest from the workshop of Cosimo di Giovanni Castrucci and Guiliano di Piero Pandolfini.
Tecnica de la iconografia: Flores en pietra dura (en el mausoleo), asi como en alto relieve en arenisca roja (en la mezquita).
Channel the Taj Mahal's gardens with a table of Pietra Dura inlaid marble handcrafted in India with surprising contemporary flair ($975).
Catherine Zeta Jones carried SV Pietra Dura at the Ryder Cup, whereas fashion's current darling, Freida Pinto was seen carrying the "Dreamweaver" clutch at the Miral Premier.
A timely update came the way of the stud's Pivotal filly out of the Listed-placed Pietra Dura (506) when her sister, Turning Top, ran second in the Grade 1 Yellow Ribbon Stakes at Hollywood Park on Saturday.
An 18ct gold snuff box with a purple enamel lid, London 1825, made pounds 4,100, with a tortoiseshell patch box, the lid inset with a pietra dura scene of doves around a bird bath going at pounds 3,400, while a gold reliquary crucifix, set with rubies and garnets and with a hinged compartment sold well above expectation at pounds 2,650.
The red sandstone fort was renovated and converted into a palace during Shah Jahan's time, and reworked extensively with marble and pietra dura inlay.
In the tomb chamber, the white marble dados and the cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and his wife are covered in pietra dura flowers of blue lapis lazuli, red jasper, greenish jade and quartz, yellow marble and many other coloured stones to create ravishing friezes of flowers.
Sent to the front with a furlong and a half to race, Fionns Folly held the late surge of Pietra Dura to record her first success.