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 (pē-ā′zō-ĭ-lĕk-trĭs′ĭ-tē, pī-ē′-)
The generation of electricity or of electric polarity in dielectric crystals subjected to mechanical stress, or the generation of stress in such crystals subjected to an applied voltage.

pi·e′zo·e·lec′tric, pi·e′zo·e·lec′tri·cal adj.
pi·e′zo·e·lec′tri·cal·ly adv.


(paɪˌi zoʊ ɪ lɛkˈtrɪs ɪ ti, -ˌi lɛk-, piˌeɪ zoʊ-)

electricity or electric polarity produced in certain nonconducting crystals, as quartz, when subjected to pressure or strain.
[1890–95; < Greek piéz(ein) to press + -o- + electricity]
pi•e`zo•e•lec′tric (-ɪˈlɛk trɪk) adj.
pi•e`zo•e•lec′tri•cal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.piezoelectricity - electricity produced by mechanical pressure on certain crystals (notably quartz or Rochelle salt); alternatively, electrostatic stress produces a change in the linear dimensions of the crystal
electricity - a physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons
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The ultrasonic motor (USM) characteristics driven by piezoelectric transducer strongly depend on the mechanical properties of the components stator, rotor and contact layer [1].
Piezoelectric transducer to harvest vibrational energy
The transducer rings use mechanical or pneumatic pressure to couple piezoelectric transducer elements to the pipe being inspected.
Hence, in our early study, a range hood was proposed to switch its exhaust velocity to a proper level according to the detection of cooking fumes completed by a sensitive piezoelectric transducer in order to reduce the running noise (Liu and Young 2002).
However, the difficulty with using a piezoelectric transducer to drive a loudspeaker diaphragm is that it acts as a displacement device, whereas what is required for flat-panel speakers is a velocity device (traditional coil-driven speakers use an acceleration device).
The ultrasonic wave source is a small conical piezoelectric transducer (designed as an acoustic emission sensor), and the displacement detector is a low power (1 mW) laser interferometer of special design.
Ring-shaped piezoelectric transducer is composed of two groups of control electrodes, with one group inducing rotation of the rotor, while the other initiates motion of opposite direction under operational regime voltage supply.
The electrical signals obtained from the piezoelectric transducer (1) (Fig.
A 35K ohm bleed resistor is integrated on-chip and connects to each output to a common ground to ensure the voltage on each piezoelectric transducer is kept at zero to prevent random movements of un-energized transducers.
At present, the ultrasonic wave is introduced by a piezoelectric transducer attached to an edge of the substrate some distance from the sensor coil.
Due to this analysis of the first mode of circular piezoelectric transducer was made exciting it with electro dynamical stand (Model 1072, RFT).
In HIFU equipment used for medical treatment and procedures, the ADA4870 provides wide bandwidth (52 MHz) and high slew rate to facilitate the high-voltage pulses necessary to drive the piezoelectric transducer, increasing accuracy and replacing large, costly discrete solutions.