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The Pig Man - half-human, half-hog - has been seen rummaging through litter bins and each night brings fresh reports of strange dancing lights in the night sky.
JP, if anything, seems to have become even more immature and sleazy - although he did seem to sum up Howard's unlikely date quite well: "But she's a proper human being - and you're the pig man of Arbroath.
He was not murdered by the Pig Man like he thought, but instead by a burglar who was hiding in his shower and offended by the pig remarks.
The pig man was arrested at the scene as Christine was rushed to Pilgrim hospital in Boston, Lincs, where surgeons saved her life.
I'm a Peppa Pig man myself but Fireman Sam is alright in small doses and hopefully Secret Millionaire can put out his opponents' fires in the 5f handicap at Nottingham (2.
There were notable diehard breeders like Anglesey's celebrated pig man Phil Fowlie, but for many pork buyers the Welsh Pig, with its long back and marbled meat, was considered too fatty for modern consumers.