Pigeon hole

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A hole for pigeons to enter a pigeon house
See Pigeonhole.
An old English game, in which balls were rolled through little arches.

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I also take great offense at the "stupid and uninformed voter'' pigeon hole into which John Boehner and John McCain put some of my very close friends who are Democrats.
According to DJ Sinister Peter (Phantom FM) it is "Hard to pigeon hole.
SLEIGH BELLS Treats (Columbia) BROOKLYN duo Sleigh Bells are tricky to pigeon hole.
It's hard to pigeon hole them, even calling them a boy band isn't quite right as that conjures up images of five lads stood in a row crooning out a cover song.
A video surveillance system was set up and at the beginning of March last year it captured Semugaza sorting mail incorrectly by moving packages from their proper racks to the 'queries' pigeon hole for damaged or incorrectly labelled items.
I thought there couldn't be two so I left a note in his pigeon hole telling him to come to the office urgently.
It's hard to pigeon hole the man's work, as tempting as such a goal is with any architect.
The former deputy head of technical studies at Bridge of Don Academy in Aberdeen had been suspended on full pay after the indecent material was found in the pigeon hole.
This documentary was about more than a loveable animal facing extinction - it was about John Cleese breaking free of his pigeon hole and going wild.