Pigeon house

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a dovecote.
- Halliwell.

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Follow the advice of an experienced veterinarian but always keeping the pigeon house clean and germ free," he says.
BUILT about 1703, the Pigeon House in Whitefield Drive, Kirkby, has been registered as an ancient monument.
In Dublin, Delahunt, Etto, Pichet, Pigeon House and Pig's Ear retained the award.
in the event that osberstown waste water treatment plant is unable to accept leachate due to capacity issues kildare county council may require the operator to transport leachate to ringsend wwtp, pigeon house road, dublin 4 until such time as osberstown wwtp can accept leachate and normal haulage operations can resume.
Deltamethrin (Butoxb) spray (2 ml/L water) was used around pigeon house to control vectors.
St David's Caravan Park in Red Wharf Bay, the Bodafon Caravan Park in Benllech, Glan Gors in Brynteg, Ty'n Rhos and Melin Rhos in the Moelfre and Pigeon House Parciau Caravan Park in Marian Glas have all signed up to the Safe Parks scheme which encourages residents and visitors to photograph and forensically mark their property.
The second floor had been left for years and had become a pigeon house and we have had to deal with all of that.
There above the entrance to the monastery was the pigeon house with Arabic numerals painted beside its entrance, a comfortingly stable feature when these days everything around us seems to be in flux.
He's is prepping his next directorial outing, The Pigeon House, a comedy with political thriller elements that producer Micaela Sole is selling at Cannes.
We don't know if the council wants a giant pigeon house or just a pigeon monument, which is for practical use," he said.