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n.1.An Oriental dish consisting of rice boiled with mutton, fat, or butter.
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There's a pillau, Joseph, just as you like it, and Papa has brought home the best turbot in Billingsgate.
Here's their latest top 10: Tikka Chance On Me by Abba, | Korma Korma Chameleon by Culture Club, | Tears On My Pillau by Kylie Minogue, | You Can't Curry Love by The Supremes, | It's Bhuna a Hard Day's Night by The Beatles, | Tandoor Deliver by Adam Ant, | Love Me Tandoor by Elvis, | Livin' Dhal by Cliff, .
A bowl of pillau rice, the grains admirably separate, provided further ballast.
When properly planned, marketed and managed, the spa should be a viable, marketable and profitable business in and of itself, as well as an integral component of your 'core' business," Pillau suggests.
Among the fifteen derelict firms owing money for work or service performed by prisoners during the month of August were four companies owned by Mennonites: Peter Neufeld of Pillau, 270 RM; Heinrich Wiens II of Kalteherberge, 1,308 RM; Eduard Reimer of Roschkenkampe, 2,804 RM; and Gerhard Epp of Petershagen, 460 RM.
Their reputation as one of the most well regarded vendors in the region is widely recognized and well deserved," said Uli Pillau, Managing Director EAME.
Mains included chicken tikka masala and lamb jalfrezi with two pillau rice, followed by mushroom bhaji and a nan bread.
95 - pillau to you and me, but not in its bright yellow sense.
1 -- 2) An order of chicken tikka masala, top left, accompanied by some pillau rice, above, makes a savory meal at Bollywood in Studio City.
Fabian will replace current long-serving and valued leader, Uli Pillau, who has been with IDeaS Revenue Optimization for 11+ years and is stepping down in July to pursue other interests in the hospitality sector but will remain a close strategic partner.
The Kashmiri pillau that accompanied it was a wonderful match - the grains perfectly textured and punctuated with sweet dried fruits and nuts.
It was papadums and pickles - including onions redder than a Bombay sunset - mixed starters and a four small dishes along with pillau rice and a plain nan.