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or pill bug  (pĭl′bŭg′)
1. See woodlouse.
2. Any of various woodlice of the family Armadillidiidae, having the ability to roll into a tight ball. Also called doodlebug, roly-poly.
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Fall Pillbug Study Spring Water Bear Study General What species of Sugar maple trees will in Nature pillbugs are resident support greater numbers on campus?
Well he wasn't laughing then, or even crying, just being real quiet, curled in a ball on the concrete like a pillbug.
Other students discussed how they integrated student writing, "We put together My Pillbug Book where students recorded what they observed, their habitat, and any questions that may have about pillbugs" (Group 5/wr7/hallie).
Animals such as the horseshoe crab, which mates at night, and Bathynomus giganteus, a giant deep-sea cousin of the pillbug, have evolved eyes suited for a world of dim light.
Rounding out the bug cast is Michael McShane (whose feature film roles include playing Friar Tuck in the 1991 version of "Robin Hood"), who does double duty providing voices for Tuck & Roll, identical twin Hungarian pillbug acrobats who don't understand a word of English.
Pillbugs and sowbugs are useful in a compost pile (they help turn decaying material into humus), but they eat seedlings.
Wet organic matter in yards and gardens near residences promoted the survival of high numbers of millipedes, sowbugs and pillbugs, especially during the spring and early summer time.
Virtually every week, it seems, produces another crop of eerily authentic 60s revivalists, and one of the best I've come across in many a moon are The Pillbugs, a quintet who hail from Toledo, Ohio.
In addition, zoo animals sometimes eat pillbugs and garter snakes that carry germs like Salmonella, which can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea in humans.
Since then, researchers have discovered Wolbachia in all orders of insects plus spiders, mites, pillbugs, and nematodes.
Commonly known as woodlice, sow bugs or pillbugs, they are widely distributed through the state.
Marisa used chocolate squares, bread and apples to measure their rate of decomposition with pillbugs, redworms, used mulch and dirt.