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n.1.One who pills or plunders.
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Cessez, cessez, gens d'armes et pietons, De piller et manger le bonhomme Qui de longtemps Jacques Bonhomme Se nomme.
What are you layin' on your good bed in the daytime for, messin' up the feathers, and dirtyin' the pillers with your dusty boots?
3 Stacy Lewis and Gerina Piller were one up after 16 against Caroline Masson and Caroline Hedwall, with Alison Lee and Brittany Lincicome one up on the unbeaten Charley Hull and Suzann Pettersen after 15.
Other selections Martin Piller 80-1 Johnson Wagner 28-1 The exodus to Fife means there will be a strong representation of Web.
The 28-year-old Piller, married to LPGA Tour player Gerina Piller, shot an 8-under 63 for a two-stroke victory over former Texas A&M teammate Bronson Burgoon.
Our model [for Members Only] is based on the economic development of the country, and there's reason for enthusiasm," says Andrew Piller, in charge of DKT's condom distribution network in Ethiopia--sending out more than 60m of them a year.
This transaction was negotiated by Morris Diamant and Ben Piller.
It's the job of Andrew Piller, Sunset+Vine's commercial director and international managing director, to keep those figures rising.
Label boss and soul jazz supremo DJ Eddie Piller heads the affair at The Sugar Club with a setlist of tracks that he promises will keep the party sliding on the dancefloor until the house lights go on.
As a maker of meaning, Piller connects found images to produce an explosion of new semantic possibilities.
The tune is "an upbeat love song that makes you want to dance," notes Piller.
On 13 June, we devoted the day to Lymphatics with Professor Neil Piller, Director of the Lymphoedema Clinic and Professor of Lymphology at Flinders University Medical Centre.