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n.1.A conical loaf of sugar.
2.A gratuity given by tradesmen to customers settling their accounts.
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In an instant he was placed in the stern-sheets of the boat, between the gendarmes, while the officer stationed himself at the bow; a shove sent the boat adrift, and four sturdy oarsmen impelled it rapidly towards the Pilon.
The lieutenant dismounted before a shop in the Rue des Lombards, at the sign of the Pilon d'Or.
Let the reader imagine all these grotesque figures of the Pont Neuf, those nightmares petrified beneath the hand of Germain Pilon, assuming life and breath, and coming in turn to stare you in the face with burning eyes; all the masks of the Carnival of Venice passing in succession before your glass,--in a word, a human kaleidoscope.
Pilon has assumed the role of Therabron's Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer.
This is because if there is a PILON clause, there is a contractual right to pay in lieu.
But then in early September it was announced that Pilon had left his WHL squad, the Brandon Wheat Kings, for personal reasons.
There was only one problem," author Mary Pilon writes sardonically.
About five weeks after that, Pilon was walking across the Hult Center stage with the rest of her fellow Churchill High School graduates to receive her diploma.
Having discussed several other political science approaches to the study of changing voting systems and finding them, at best, inadequate, Dennis Pilon sets out to apply a "comparative historical" method.
Firm: Moser Pilon Nelson, Architects, LLC, (860) 563-6164
But Pilon said using the room as a banquet hall and meeting space once again has helped the hotel attract more business customers.
Pilon said that TSB was looking closely at whether enough hand brakes has been set by the engineer who drove the train toNantes, and who spent 30 minutes in it at that location before leaving for the night.