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a flag or signal hoisted by a vessel for a pilot.

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Wallasey-born pilot Jack Potter is not mentioned by name, but the moment in Christopher Nolan's movie in which Farrier, played by Tom Hardy, ditches his Spitfire into the sea after an engine seizure, is based on his own experience.
The very first to do so, the test pilot Jack Waddell, described it as"a pilot's dream" and a"two-finger airplane" " one that can be flown with just the forefinger and thumb on the control wheel; it is hard to imagine higher praise for such an enormous aircraft.
Former Tiger |Moth pilot Jack Green back in action and inset, flying over Carsington Water, in Derbyshire
Bauer, divisional merchandise manager for the discount stores; and company pilot Jack Starr.
For four long years combat pilot Jack has maintained an edge because of his skills; but the field is about to change, leading him away from familiar tactics and into unknown territory.
Especially when you consider the fact that Cruise, who plays daredevil pilot Jack Harper in the movie, has a pilot's licence in real life.
Below: Cotton Mill with big-race pilot Jack Quinlan s
Instead, he asked a local veterinarian to treat him, and fellow pilot Jack Ridley devised a way for the injured Yeager to seal the X-1's hatch using a broom handle.
Nevertheless, "He was a lot of fun, a live wire," fellow pilot Jack Guy said of Bush many years later.
Former RAF pilot Jack Harrison was the last man standing from the daring break-out immortalised in the 1963 film starring Steve McQueen.
Retired pilot Jack Sardisco, 63, is one of the patients who has benefitted from Davidson's novel drug-laser therapy.
The Hornet first took flight on 18 November 1978 when McDonnell Douglas test pilot Jack Krings flew an F/A-18A from St.