Pilot valve

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1.(Hydraulics) A small hand-operated valve to admit liquid to operate a valve difficult to turn by hand.
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FireChek PLUS Pilot Valves The FireChek PLUS assembly combines the FM approved FireChek thermal shutoff with a SIL Class III pilot valve, either with or without a solenoid operator.
According to Bosch Rexroth, it involves changing a pilot valve and adding a variable-frequency drive (VFD) to the pump motor.
Asco possesses the world's widest variety of SIL-certified pilot valve solutions.
GEMU also has many other accessories that can be paired with the SUMONDO Single-Use diaphragm valve, such as electrical position indicators (GEMU Type 1235/136) or combi-switchbox with integrated 3/2 way pilot valve (GEMO Type 4242), that make this a complete GEMO produced package for Single-Use.
The fact that the pilot valve operating level is at a distance from the fitting makes it even more difficult to commission, maintain and extend the plant.
Then no pressure--or not enough pressure--goes out the output side of the V19 and down to the V14 pilot valve which opens the V10 valve.
Undeterred, they suspected a failure of the high-level pilot valve in the No.
The units feature a spring-return automated ball valve, explosion-proof limit switch and solenoid pilot valve, advanced quarter-turn rack-and-pinion actuator design, superior valve seating, and patented stem seal system.
The team checked the electrical operation of the dual pilot valve that controls the two fuel level control valves, causing the valves to shut off fuel to the tank when a predetermined level is reached.
The pilot valve contained two normally closed solenoid valves that were used to adjust the control pressure, [P.
A linear servo valve that drives the ram directly has replaced the traditional flapper-controlled servo valve system, a three-stage system in which the flapper valve drives a pilot valve that then drives the main rain.
The contaminant-tolerant Motor-Operated Pilot Valve provides two control functions, as a four-port master MOPV and a three-port service MOPV.