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 (pĭl-so͞ot′skē, pē-o͞o-), Józef Klemens 1867-1935.
Polish revolutionary leader and politician who was the first chief of state (1918-1922) of independent Poland. He later staged a military coup (1926) and served as virtual dictator until his death (1935).


(Polish piwˈsutski)
(Biography) Józef (ˈjuzɛf). 1867–1935, Polish nationalist leader and statesman; president (1918–21) and premier (1926–28; 1930)


(pɪlˈsut ski)

Józef, 1867–1935, president of Poland 1918–22; premier 1926–28, 1930.
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Consequently he lined up for the 1997 King George as a 16-1 shot against five-time Group 1 and Arc winner Helissio, three-time Group 1 winner Singspiel, Pilsudski - who at the time had amassed half of his six Group 1s - and his Newmarket conqueror Shantou, among others, for what was quite simply one of the deepest King George fields ever amassed.
Contract notice: The design and construction of the sewer system in the streets Pilsudski and sand and Hibnera in Jaworzno
Since the person and the memory of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski became an integral part of the holiday's
Unvanquished; Joseph Pilsudski, resurrected Poland, and the struggle for Eastern Europe, 2d ed.
Unvanquished Joseph Pilsudski, Ressurrected Poland and the Struggle for Eastern Europe
Like many disaffected youths living under the iron grip of the czar, Pilsudski gravitated to socialism.
HARDWICK - The Joseph Pilsudski Association building in Gilbertville that was sold at auction Thursday is on a .
The main personages of the drama are Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, the founder of the modern Polish state and its authoritarian leader (who died in 1935) and who is worshiped by some in Poland still today, and Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret service (who died in 1926) whose portraits were in every office of the KGB until the very collapse of the USSR.
Pilsudski implemented a daring maneuver to outflank the Red Army.
These include leading personalities, notably the controversial maverick, Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski; organizations, for example, the Society for Moral Rebirth and the Women's Union for Citizenship Work; literary periodicals like The Way (Droga); and other writings, among them letters sent to Pilsudski by atypical members of the public.
Some great horses have won this race over the years, and the recent roll of honour includes the mercurial Hawk Wing, the 'Iron Horse' Giant's Causeway, Falbrav, Daylami, Halling, Pilsudski and Medicean, now an emerging sire who benefited from a brilliant Kieren Fallon ride in 2001.
The young Jozewski was a follower of Jozef Pilsudski and an organizer of the anti-Bolshevik Promethean network.