Piltdown man

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Pilt·down man

A proposed species of extinct humans described from a skull uncovered in a gravel bed in England in 1912 but determined in 1953 to be a fake constructed from a human cranium and the jawbone of an orangutan.

[After Piltdown Common in southeast England.]

Piltdown man

(Palaeontology) an advanced hominid postulated from fossil bones found in Sussex in 1912, but shown by modern dating methods in 1953 to be a hoax, which was perpetrated by a student museum assistant who was refused a wage

Pilt′down man`

a hypothetical early modern human whose existence was inferred from bone fragments allegedly found at Piltdown, England, in 1912 but identified as a hoax in 1953.

Piltdown man

A supposed type of primitive human being based on remains found in England in 1912, later discovered to have been a hoax.
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Noun1.Piltdown man - a supposedly primitive man later proven to be a hoaxPiltdown man - a supposedly primitive man later proven to be a hoax
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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They knew not the meanings of the words they mouthed; they but repeated the ritual that had been handed down from preceptor to neophyte since that long-gone day when the ancestors of the Piltdown man still swung by their tails in the humid jungles that are England now.
The Piltdown man - perhaps the most famous fraud in the history of archeology - combined a 600-year-old skull, an orangutan's jaw and a chimpanzee's tooth to feign being the remains of the Missing Link between man and the apes.
1912: Newspapers ran headlines of the discovery of Piltdown Man in Sussex.
Piltdown Man Windmill Hill Man Lewes Man Rye Man 9.
1990: The Natural History Museum solved the Piltdown Man hoax.
New investigations of England's infamously fraudulent Piltdown Man fossils reveal a mix of clever and clumsy methods used by one man to fool early 20th century scientists for 40 years.
The fact that the fabricated skull of Piltdown man was one of their venerated ancestors signals that eccentric tradition, and signals their kinship with the equally radical literary Diffusionists in the period--in a loose collocation of writers which includes Lewis Grassic Gibbon and Wyndham Lewis, whose draftsmanship Hargrave has some affinities with.
AUTHORITIES at the British Natural History Museum announced the Piltdown Man skull, one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, was an elaborate hoax.
The Natural History Museum announced that the Piltdown Man was a 40-year-old hoax.
More than four decades later, Piltdown Man was exposed as a hoax.
MR: I have written essays critical of ideas long lodged in the curriculum of modern thought which are badly in need of reconsideration, and should in many cases be allowed to go the way of phrenology and the Piltdown Man.
There was the Piltdown Man, Paul Kammerer and Lamarckian inheritance, the Philippine government and the Tasaday tribe, Charles Redheffer's "perpetual motion machine," and the Cardiff Giant.