Pin lock

a lock having a cylindrical bolt; a lock in which pins, arranged by the key, are used instead of tumblers.

See also: Pin

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Tenders are invited for Fip Lifter To Fulcrum Pin Lock Plate For Stiffer To Size Length 58Mm Width Oneside 28Mm And Other Side 25Mm, Thickness:5Mm
Each Plastc Card is equipped with a secure PIN lock, proximity alerts, and a unique 'Return Me' mode, making it more secure than both traditional credit cards and other payment technologies.
The early 1900's rear sight could be pressed down to create a firing pin lock.
Seven of the eight studies compared the effects of liner material, of which six analyzed the suspension provided by liners (Seal-In versus sleeve suspension [1 study] and pin lock versus Seal-In [4 studies]), one compared silicone with urethane liners, and one compared different liner thicknesses (3 vs 6 mm).
There is also one additional screw in the center of what might be described as a pin lock "bow tie.
Josh Hodsdon, wrestling at 138 and 145 pounds, pinned King Phillip and Central Catholic opponents, won a major decision against Dracut, and used a reverse pin lock to best Milford.
Reassembly is simply a reverse of this process, but after completing reassembly of the LC380, the operator is reminded to check and make sure the barrel cam pin lock is up, to avoid accidental loss of this vital part.
The Volvo CE quick coupler strategy is based on the Symmetrical Quick Coupler standard and Steelwrist's patented front pin lock coupler technology," said Karl Serneberg, Volvo CE's global director of attachments.
Security features such as a PIN Lock and a transition detector help prevent unauthorized access.
A side-mounted hybrid filter provides an extended life of 2,000 hours, and the CP-WX410 also includes anti-theft features such as a PIN lock, "MyScreen" lock and a transition detector.
Seco-Carboloy announces its new Secomax[R] CBN100, solid PCBN indexable inserts with a pin lock hole.
The only one without a locator pin lock on the handlebars which is dangerous, as they could move when you least expect them to.