Pin wheel

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A contrate wheel in which the cogs are cylindrical pins
(Fireworks) A small coil which revolves on a common pin and makes a wheel of yellow or colored fire.

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Heading into the finale, last season's champion, Captain Tyler McLaughlin (@PinWheelFV) aboard fishing vessel Pin Wheel, has fallen so far behind the fleet that he stands no chance of repeating his win.
Nichols senior Justin DeLuca is always up for an adventure, so when his former Bison tennis teammate Tyler McLaughlin called to see if DeLuca wanted to join the crew of his fishing boat, The Pin Wheel, for Season 3 of the popular National Geographic Channel reality show "Wicked Tuna,'' DeLuca was all for it.
Pin wheel crumbles Ingredients A sheet of good quality full butter puff pastry A jar of good quality mincemeat 4 oz butter 3 oz soft brown sugar 3 oz flour 1 tbs sesame seeds 1 tbs sunflower seeds Method Open the sheet of puff pastry leaving it on its paper and spread with the mincemeat.
spotted COLEEN ROONEY at the Seven night, at Mosquito buyit BRIGHTEN up your garden with these colourful pin wheel windmills.
The containers, arranged in a pin wheel pattern, cradle the multi- use space, with its 12-foot ceilings and clerestory on the south and west.