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Noun1.Coniferales - profusely branching and chiefly evergreen trees and some shrubs having narrow or needlelike leaves
plant order - the order of plants
class Coniferopsida, Coniferophyta, Coniferophytina, Coniferopsida, subdivision Coniferophytina - cone-bearing gymnosperms dating from the Carboniferous period; most are substantial trees; includes the classes Pinopsida (subdivision Pinophytina) and Ginkgopsida (subdivision Ginkgophytina) and Taxopsida (subdivision Taxophytina) which in turn include the surviving orders Coniferales and Taxales (yews) and sometimes Ginkgoales as well as extinct orders such as Cordaitales (of the Carboniferous and Permian)
family Pinaceae, Pinaceae, pine family - a family of Pinaceae
Cupressaceae, cypress family, family Cupressaceae - cypresses and junipers and many cedars
araucaria family, Araucariaceae, family Araucariaceae - tall evergreen cone-bearing trees of South America and Australia with broad leathery leaves; in some classifications included in the Pinaceae
family Phyllocladaceae, Phyllocladaceae - a family of Phyllocladaceae
family Podocarpaceae, Podocarpaceae, podocarpus family - gymnosperms with simple persistent needlelike or scalelike leaves
family Sciadopityaceae, Sciadopityaceae - family comprising a single genus that until recently was considered part of Taxodiaceae
family Taxaceae, Taxaceae, yew family - sometimes classified as member of order Taxales
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Reading Partners volunteers range from high school students to two-time cancer survivors like Vivian Freeman-Young in Charleston, SC to Colorado's Deric Pinales, an Iraqi war veteran to Sacramento's Christopher Hall, who saw his student, Jontasia metamorphosize into a reader when he brought caterpillars to their sessions.
CASE FACTS: Ruben Pinales was born prematurely on June 28, 2000, His gestational age was twenty-five weeks, which put him at a high-risk for developing retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).
That would be groundbreaking," said Jennifer Kinsley, an attorney with the Cincinnati firm of Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz, the law firm defending Extreme Associates.
Pinales, Standing up for Corporations, CHAMPION, Sept.