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n.1.(Bot.) The peanut (Arachis hypogæa); - so called in the West Indies.
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The strength of faithful, who started thronging to the Pindal (tented place) since Thursday last, touched the figure around one million on the last day.
MOTORCYCLE- borne youth fired at two schoolgirls in Pindal village in Haryana's Kaithal district on Wednesday.
The meeting particularly reviewed the security arrangements for the occasion and it was informed that entry into convocation pindal will be through electronic walk through gates.
5 JOHN MacLEOD reports COVE co-boss Kevin Pindal watched his side blitz Nairn then admitted the scoreline flattered his title chasers.
Ryan's first assignments," says former head of English animation, Robert Verrall, "involved the talents of Rend Jodoin, Sidney Goldsmith, Kaj Pindal and others, not bad company for a 19-year-old apprentice.
Altamira, El Castillo, Altamira II, El Pindal, Fuente del Trucho, and La Pasiega all have some examples.
Soon afterwards, Driessen joined Jodoin's unit which included such auteurs as Kaj Pindal, fellow Dutchman Co Hoedeman and Czech emigre Bretislaw Pojar.
In rock art, similarities also exist in the techniques of execution of the figures: the manes of horses represented by short parallel lines or shaded interiors of long lines at Las Monedas, Santimamine, Homos de la Pena or Pindal, and at Niaux or Les Trois Freres; the theme of a bison sticking out its tongue at Covaciella, Llonin or Altamira, and at Le Portel and Les Trois Freres, or the claviforms at El Pindal, La Cullalvera or La Pasiega and at Les Trois Freres or Le Portel (Fortea Perez 1989; Fortea Perez et al 1995).
In addition to stills from dozens of animated films, readers of Cartoon Capers will be rewarded with such unique products of Mazurkewich's research as an original drawing by NFB legend Kaj Pindal, a page from a 1960s underground comic by Oscar-winner John Weldon and a Christmas card that John Kricfalusi, of "Ren and Stimpy" fame, designed for Bob "Beany and Cecil" Clampett.
Many of the artists hired in the 1950s and 1960s--Kaj Pindal, Gerald Potterton, Michael Mills, Carlos Marchiori, Les Drew--moved in and out of the commercial world.
The work produced by the likes of Grgic and Pojar, as well as by the Dane Kaj Pindal, the "Great Brits," Gerry Potterton and Derek Lamb, and others, was a tremendous calling card for a Canada that was proud, in those days, of its artistic and cultural endeavours.