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 (pĭn′dər) 522?-443? bc.
Greek lyric poet remembered especially for his odes celebrating victorious athletes.

Pin·dar′ic (-dăr′ĭk) adj.


(Biography) ?518–?438 bc, Greek lyric poet, noted for his Epinikia, odes commemorating victories in the Greek games


(ˈpɪn dər)

522?–443? B.C., Greek poet.


Regional term for peanut. Apparently, the term was not much used past the nineteenth century.
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Noun1.Pindar - Greek lyric poet remembered for his odes (518?-438? BC)Pindar - Greek lyric poet remembered for his odes (518?-438? BC)


[ˈpɪndəʳ] NPíndaro
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Monte Cristo, thus attuned to the interview he proposed to hold with Morrel and his family, departed, murmuring as he went these lines of Pindar, "Youth is a flower of which love is the fruit; happy is he who, after having watched its silent growth, is permitted to gather and call it his own.
As we turned and moved again through the temple, I wished that the illustrious men who had sat in it in the remote ages could visit it again and reveal themselves to our curious eyes--Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes, Socrates, Phocion, Pythagoras, Euclid, Pindar, Xenophon, Herodotus, Praxiteles and Phidias, Zeuxis the painter.
Ridley was bringing out the third volume of Pindar when Willoughby was launching his first ship.
From this it is clear that the two parts need not be of one date -- The first, indeed, is ascribed (Scholiast on Pindar "Nem".
He has heard from priests and priestesses, and from the poet Pindar, of an immortal soul which is born again and again in successive periods of existence, returning into this world when she has paid the penalty of ancient crime, and, having wandered over all places of the upper and under world, and seen and known all things at one time or other, is by association out of one thing capable of recovering all.
His most conspicuous poems are his so-called 'Pindaric Odes,' in which he supposed that he was imitating the structure of the Greek Pindar but really originated the pseudo-Pindaric Ode, a poem in irregular, non-correspondent stanzas.
Like Cephalus, he is limited in his point of view, and represents the proverbial stage of morality which has rules of life rather than principles; and he quotes Simonides as his father had quoted Pindar.
Thus of the genius of one remarkable people we have a fourfold representation: and to the senses what more unlike than an ode of Pindar, a marble centaur, the peristyle of the Parthenon, and the last actions of Phocion?
When a thought of Plato becomes a thought to me,--when a truth that fired the soul of Pindar fires mine, time is no more.
George Pindar School (Scarborough) 1 Laurence Jackson 9 LAURENCE Jackson School enjoyed an easy passage into Round 2 of when they ran out convincing 9-1 winners against George Pindar.
Muscat : Endurances races such as EFG Sailing Arabia -- The Tour are familiar territory for Pindar skipper Nick Moloney but staying fit and fresh throughout the 15 day epic will be the crucial test that could win or lose his crew the race.
YOUNGSTERS from a charity that helps the disadvantaged have been given the opportunity to sail with GAC Pindar in Cardiff.