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(Placename) a mountain range in central Greece between Epirus and Thessaly. Highest peak: Mount Smólikas, 2633 m (8639 ft). Modern Greek name: Píndhos


(ˈpɪn dəs)

a mountain range in central Greece: highest peak, 7665 ft. (2335 m).
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In the morning, I shall rejoice in the prospect of your coming, and in the evening dwell with delight on the happiness I have enjoyed in your presence; then too, when alone, I can call forth mighty pictures of the past, see vast horizons bounded only by the towering mountains of Pindus and Olympus.
Olympus, and the Pindus Range, on the east by the Rhodope Mountains, and on the West by Lake Ohrid (a great overview of the issues is found in Wilkinson 1951).
Most dominating is the long Pindus mountain chain, which stretch more than 100 miles up the country's spine, from the Peloponnese in the south, to the Albanian border in the north.
And the view, looking out towards the Pindus mountains, is enough to take the relaxation factor up a notch or two.
an inv Welcome to the beautiful, peaceful Pindus mountains in the historic and traditional region of Epirus in northwestern Greece.
If ever I, O mighty Gods, have done you service true, In setting forth by painful pain your glorious praises due; If on the forked hill I tread; if ever I did prease To drink of the Pegasian spring, that flowers without release; If ever I on Pindus dwell'd.
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The financial crisis associated with the recent recession may have forced some nurses to delay their retirement but this is expected to provide only short-term relief to the projected nursing shortage (Bovbjerg, Ormond, & Pindus, 2009; Bryant-Hampton, Walton, Carroll & Strickler, 2010).
Jerry DiCunzolo, President and CEO of Power-Flo Technologies Group, and Jerry Pindus, President and CEO of US Energy Group, announced the merger of the two companies.
Peppered across the Pindus mountains in Epirus in the country's northwest, the ashen clusters have wild strawberries on arch bridges and glistening limestone towers in tune with Grecian grace.
Thessaly boasts a ravine called Tempe, enclosed on each side by a rock face covered with trees; and down it the river Peneus pours and rolls on his foaming way from the foot of Mount Pindus.
Brown bear in Greece: distribution, present status, and ecology of northern Pindus subpopulations.