Pine Bluff

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Pine′ Bluff′

a city in central Arkansas, on the Arkansas River. 61,230.
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Noun1.Pine Bluff - a town in southeast central Arkansas on the Arkansas River
Arkansas, Land of Opportunity, AR - a state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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The UAMS-based Arkansas INBRE program manages the initiative for partners, including the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Arkansas State University, Hendrix College, Ouachita Baptist University and John Brown University.
Police were called to his home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, by two other residents who claimed they had been threatened with a gun.
The incident took place in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on Saturday night after police were called to deal with a suspected aggravated assault.
A 107-year-old man was shot dead by a SWAT team after holding two people at gunpoint in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on Saturday.
The CBS affiliate in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, reported that a female store employee actually fought Robinson and shot him with his own .
And, lastly, Cronheim also arranged $529,600 in financing for the Studio One Apartments in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
A WOULD-BE ROBBER muttered this to a Pine Bluff, Arkansas, bank teller, only to be told that the bank had run out of cash.
Bayou Bartholomew, the world's longest bayou, begins slightly northwest of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and flows approximately 300 miles before crossing the border of Louisiana and joining the Ouachita River.
He points to Tyson's Pine Bluff, Arkansas, plant as an example of a site where few immigrants work because the unemployment rate is relatively high, so local people take the jobs.
Sgt Brad Smith from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, watches as residents unload American relief aid from a US Army helicopter in the town of Comasagua, southwest of San Salvador
That summer for my grandfather's 90th birthday, I traveled to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the childhood home to which he had returned in the early 1960s.