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a. & adv.1.Far.
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You won't find international varieties such as chardonnay or merlot, but you will find crisp, fruity, dry whites made from gros manseng and petit courbu; robust reds made from the tannat grape with a touch of cabernet sauvignon and pinenc to add some 'salt and pepper' to the brambly fruit; and fresh, rich dessert wines with petit manseng in the blend that are served as an aperitif.
It comes from the superbly-run co-op at Saint-Mont in the far south west of France, a blend of the local Tannat and Pinenc grapes with Cabernet Sauvignon.
Taking the lead from these regional bodies, research by winemakers like Robert Plageoles of Domaines Plageoles in Gaillac and Andre Dubosc of Producteurs Plaimont has helped rescue rare grapes such as Loin de L'Oeil, Mauzac, Ondenc, Prunelard, Arrufiac, and Pinenc from obscurity.