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Noun1.Pinguicula - butterworts: a large genus of almost stemless carnivorous bog plantsPinguicula - butterworts: a large genus of almost stemless carnivorous bog plants; Europe and America to Antarctica
plant genus - a genus of plants
bladderwort family, family Lentibulariaceae, Lentibulariaceae - carnivorous aquatic or bog plants: genera Utricularia, Pinguicula, and Genlisea
butterwort - any of numerous carnivorous bog plants of the genus Pinguicula having showy purple or yellow or white flowers and a rosette of basal leaves coated with a sticky secretion to trap small insects
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1 0 Lecythidaceae Barringtonia Ericales 0 1 1 2 Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula Lamiales 0 0 1 0 Loasaceae Loasa Comales 0 1 0 2 Loganiaceae Logania Gentianales 0 ?
Adoption , improvement and protection of all the humid habitats with Ulex minor, Molinia caerulea and Erica ciliaris; and with Cheirolophus uliginosus, Pinguicula lusitanica, Erica erigena, Fuirena pubescens and Juncus rugosus;
Diet of Pinguicula consists mainly of insects 1-4 mm long, mostly flying insects with Diptera contributing ca.
Flies are the main food for these plants and droseras and pinguicula catch them with superstrong insect glue and sheer muscle power.
Although both sites lacked such common bog genera as Utricularia, Burmannia, Lycopodiella, Pinguicula, Lachnocaulon, and Bartonia, with only cursory surveys of the other bogs in this area we found Lycopodiella, Burmannia, Uticularia, and Lachnocaulon at one or more of them.
He's a blond, pink-faced man in his late 30s who speaks with the solemn precision needed to do justice to names like Sarracenia purpurea and Pinguicula moranensis.