a.1.(Chem.) Of or pertaining to the pine; obtained from the pine; formerly, designating an acid which is the chief constituent of common resin, - now called abietic, or sylvic, acid.
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Easy pick up or tables available in the Pinic Garden.
BEST OF PALS: Ella Finley and J ames Marriner join one of the bears at Saturday's pinic at Washington Wetland Centre.
The researchers demonstrated, for instance, that 5-nm organic pinic acid and cis-pinonic acid particles grow into much larger aerosols than 5-nm inorganic ammonium sulfate particles do.
visitors able to tear themselves away from oceanside pursuits are welcome to stop by his winery, situated at about 2,000 feet, and engage in a high-level pinic under a huge camphor tree.
Pinics by the rushing stream, kicking a football with the kids and a feeling of safety and relaxation.