a.1.(Chem.) Of or pertaining to the pine; obtained from the pine; formerly, designating an acid which is the chief constituent of common resin, - now called abietic, or sylvic, acid.
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Five boys, between the ages 8 to 12, and one woman from a single extended family drowned in the Ganges river while they were on pinic near the state capital Patna.
Easy pick up or tables available in the Pinic Garden.
BEST OF PALS: Ella Finley and J ames Marriner join one of the bears at Saturday's pinic at Washington Wetland Centre.
The researchers demonstrated, for instance, that 5-nm organic pinic acid and cis-pinonic acid particles grow into much larger aerosols than 5-nm inorganic ammonium sulfate particles do.
visitors able to tear themselves away from oceanside pursuits are welcome to stop by his winery, situated at about 2,000 feet, and engage in a high-level pinic under a huge camphor tree.
Pinics by the rushing stream, kicking a football with the kids and a feeling of safety and relaxation.