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 (pĭng′kər-tən), Allan 1819-1884.
Scottish-born American detective. His agency was notorious for breaking strikes and disrupting labor efforts to unionize.


(Biography) Allan. 1819–84, US private detective, born in Scotland. He founded the first detective agency in the US (1850) and organized an intelligence system for the Federal States of America (1861)


(ˈpɪŋ kər tən)

Allan, 1819–84, U.S. detective, born in Scotland.
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The aid of the Pinkertons and of countless private detective agencies was called in, and in addition to this thousands were upon our payroll.
The roar came closer, and Saxon, leaning out, saw a dozen scabs, conveyed by as many special police and Pinkertons, coming down the sidewalk on her side of tho street.
She saw Pinkertons, special police, and strikers go down.
Up Pine street, from the railroad yards, was coming a rush of railroad police and Pinkertons, firing as they ran.
Gabriel, along with Andrew Merin, David Bernhaut and Jose Cruz, represented the seller/long-term lessee, Pinkertons Inc.
Pinkertons, as the company's detectives became known, chased bandits hundreds of miles across the country to recover loot for client banks, investigated the beginnings of organized labor and even provided security for the president.
The Scots-born Pinkertons were the most famous detectives in the world.
His strong financial background and his experience with Pinkertons and American Protective Services, Inc.
You must know the environment in which your people are working, prepare them beforehand and continue to keep them updated on security matters," says Frank Quijada, senior managing director, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Latin America.
Pinkerton will address the important issues of building preparedness and security protection at the company's booth #811, located at BOMA's 95th Annual Convention & Office Building Show, June 23-25, 2002 at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, Hall D1, 2301 S.