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Noun1.Pinnotheridae - tiny soft-bodied crabs
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Brachyura, suborder Brachyura - an order of crustaceans (including true crabs) having a reduced abdomen folded against the ventral surface
genus Pinnotheres, Pinnotheres - type genus of the family Pinnotheridae: pea crabs
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This small crab was the only species of Pinnotheridae described by the Swiss naturalist Hercule Nicolet in the chapter of Crustacea (Zoology, section 3) of the "Physical and Political History of Chile" by Claudio Gay (1849).
Pilumnidae Pilumnus caribaeus Pilumnus dasypodus Pinnotheridae Calyptraeotheres hernandezi Echinodermata, Asteroidea Echinasteridae Echinaster echinophorus Luidiidae Luidia alternata Ophiuroidea Ophiuridae Ophiolepis impressa Ophiocomidae Ophiocomella ophiactoides Ophiodermatidae Ophioderma appressa Ophioderma brevispina Ophioderma cinerea Ophioderma brevicauda Ophiactidae Ophiactis savignyi Amphiuridae Ophiostigma isocanthum Ophiotrichidae Ophiothrix angulata Ophiothrix orstedii Echinoidea Clypeasteridae Clypeaster subdepressus Arbaciidae Arbacia punctulata Tqxqpneustidae Lytechinus variegatus Holothuroidea Cucumariidae Aslia surinamensis Holothuridae Holothuria mexicana Holothuria grisea Stichqpodidae Isostichopus badionotus
Marine fauna of Pakistan: 5 Crustacea: Branchyura, Brachyrhyncha Part I (Xanthidae, Goneplacidae, Pinnotheridae, Ocypodidae, Graspidae).
PINNOTHERIDAE Pinnixa faba PORTUNIDAE Portunus xantusii PSEUDOTANAIDAE Pseudotanais oculatus SPHAEROMATIDAE Dynamenella sp.
Larval development of Calyptraeotheres garthi (Fenucci, 1975) (Brachyura, Pinnotheridae) described from laboratory-reared material, with notes of larval character use on Pinnotheridae systematic.
3% IIR), pequenos bivalvos de la familia Glycymeridae (4% IIR), cangrejos de la familia Pinnotheridae (2.
For prey crabs, open-habitat red snapper diets were dominated by Xanthidae, and smaller amounts of Paguridae, Portunidae, Diogeninae, and Pinnotheridae (Fig.
The larvae of Zaops ostreum, Pinnotheridae and Lucifer faxoni were good indicators of flood tides, while the larval stages of Caridea (Alphaeidae and others), Paguridae, Pinnotheridae and Luciferidae, of nocturnal period.
Endosymbiotic decapod crustaceans of the family Pinnotheridae reside in invertebrate hosts worldwide (e.
By contrast, Pinnotheridae had the most restricted distribution, being round only at Blanca NE with a very low abundance.
A precocious onset of sexual behavior in females has been reported in the decapod literature and associated with a reduced possibility of encountering males; in the parasitic females of the Pinnotheridae (Christensen and McDermott, 1958) and in the freshwater crab Potamon fluviatile (Micheli et al.