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(ˈpɪn ski)
Robert, born 1940, U.S. poet: poet laureate 1997–2000.
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The Association for a Better New York has appointed Angela Sung Pinsky to serve as executive director, working with the influential coalition of business, labor, non-profit and civic leaders.
Friendsy, the brainchild of recent Princeton graduates Vaidhy Murti and Michael Pinsky, has registered close to 100,000 users and 750,000 mutual matches after launching nationwide less than 6 months ago.
Los Angeles--based artist Marina Pinsky has found her own way by approaching the medium untraditionally: to put it simply, as a sculptor.
Poet and translator Pinsky offers this unconventional guide to self-teaching poetry.
Drew Pinsky, who treated McCready during the fifth season of his (http://www.
Instead, Pinsky favors efficiency over everything else: the fewest number of steps, the least amount of effort.
Opportunity Finance Network President/CEO Mark Pinsky said the discussion to partner with Starbucks came about nearly two years ago.
Nothing about it was a 'show' for me," she said of the visit with Pinsky by her side.
MADISON, May 7 -- Robert Pinsky and Bruce Springsteen apparently have more in common than just a way with words - they can trace the beginnings of their glory days all the way back to the same hospital at the New Jersey shore.
The quantity and quality of these responses are strong indicators that the development community has confidence in the successful redevelopment of Willets Point despite current economic conditions," Pinsky said in a written statement.
Pinsky avoids these problems by his variety of tone and since the poem is addressed to his oldest daughter as she moves through her years at school the voice is quite personal.
Robert Pinsky has devoted his career to promoting the idea of poetry as a social presence.