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An employee or a mechanical apparatus that sets up pins in a bowling alley.


(ˈpɪnˌsɛtə) or


1. (Bowls & Bowling) a machine in a bowling alley that sets the pins into their correct positions
2. (Bowls & Bowling) a person in a bowling alley who sets the pins into their correct positions


(ˈpɪnˌsɛt ər)

a person or mechanical apparatus in a bowling alley that places the pins in position.
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The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS), is seeking bids from qualified suppliers to provide upgrades to Pinspotters, Management System, Automatic Scoring System and any other necessary tasks associated with upgrading the Ruzycki Center for Therapeutic Rehabilitation Bowling Center equipment.
John Meehan has been hired as Senior Product Manager, New Center Package (NCP) & Pinspotters.
The bowling products business includes the manufacture and sale of bowling equipment such as automatic pinspotters, automatic scoring equipment, bowling pins, lanes, ball return, replacement parts and consumer products such as ball, bags and shoes.
The 56-lane center was renovated in the fall of 1998, and players will compete on state-of-the-art AMF Bowling equipment that includes its famous high-performance HPL lanes, the world's fastest pinspotters (8800 Gold series), and computerized scoring (BOSS NT system).
The state-of-the-art showcase bowling center features AMF equipment including 8800 Gold pinspotters, HPL lanes, Boss NT scoring, Xtreme Durabowl lighted bumpers and recently introduced AMF furniture.