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a. A picture, especially of a sexually attractive person, that is displayed on a wall.
b. A person considered a suitable model for such a picture.
2. Something intended to be affixed to a wall.
1. Suitable for a pinup.
2. Designed to be attached to a wall.



1. a large photograph, as of a sexually attractive person, suitable for pinning on a wall.
2. a person in such a photograph.
3. of, suitable for, or appearing in a pinup.
4. designed for hanging or fastening on a wall: a pinup lamp.
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From pinups to pinstripes, the film explores Nashville's subculture scene including the Redneck Rumble, Muddy Roots, Voodoo Hoodoo, Burlesque Off Broadway, Kustom Thrills Tattoo, Confederate Customs, Lucky Box Guitars and more.
KEYHOLE CUTIES features the pinup art of Celeste Giuliano, who developed a style of photography that covers the classic look of pinups from girl illustrators from World War II.
Jude Halloween pinups can be found at company locations across the country.
In return for the contribution, the donors had the opportunity to write their names on pumpkin-therned pinups, which the establishment displayed through the month of October.
The provocative world of burlesque and pinups provides the inspiration behind the Wish You Were Here ensemble.
But the quarterly wordless Pinups magazine devotes each inky newsprint issue to snapshots of a single hairy guy (occasionally two) and his body.
And racy pinups of Fay Wray and Johnny Weissmuller.
She's a little more like the modern woman than the old pinups," says Mann.
What appear to be monochrome nude pinups or photographs of interiors, or perhaps actual figures and rooms dramatically lit, drop away behind objects that range from familiar to abstracted to simply undefined.
95), his kaleidoscopic ode to these popular periodicals and their pinups for gentlemen.
Since "invasion of privacy law focuses on speech targeted at a particular woman that has the purpose or effect of insulting or humiliating her," the Rosen tort would make it harder for overly sensitive women "to object to dirty jokes, overheard remarks, or pinups in private cubicles," he asserts.
Just because shipyard workers have always posted racy pinups doesn't mean their employer is off the hook for sexual harassment.