Pinus rigida

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Noun1.Pinus rigida - large three-needled pine of the eastern United States and southeastern CanadaPinus rigida - large three-needled pine of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada; closely related to the pond pine
pine, pine tree, true pine - a coniferous tree
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sand, lichens) and early-stage shrub encroachment (mainly Pinus rigida and species in the family Ericaceae).
KEY WORDS: fire history, fire evidence index, Pinus rigida, plant community composition
Westhampton, approximately 15 mi from Rocky Point, supports an open forest of the rare Dwarf Pine Plain type, which is dominated by stunted Pinus rigida and a lower thicket of scrub oak, Quercus ilicifolia Wangenheim.
133 156 37 latifolia 1980 Longleaf Pinus palustris 2005 145 106 36 Mexican pinyon Pinus cembroides [dagger] 74 49 37 2005 Mexican pinyon Pinus cembroides [dagger] 67 57 40 1982 Monterey Pinus radiata 2003 334 167 106 Pitch Pinus rigida [dagger] 1999 146 114 70 Pitch Pinus rigida [dagger] 1999 170 99 42 Pond Pinus serotina 2001 119 132 52 Ponderosa Pinus ponderosa var.
Short Note- Shoot elongation in Pinus rigida X taeda hybrids.
The majority of what is called eastern white pine is Pinus strobus, but other prominent pines from the north and eastern United States include: jack pine, Pinus banksiana; pitch pine, Pinus rigida, and red or Norway pine, Pinus resinosa.
The urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive mixture was used to bond five types of three-ply, particleboard (PB)-core panels with four Korean species, which are Pinus densiflora Siebol et Zuccarini, Pinus rigida Miller, Larix letoplepis Gordon, and Quercus acutissima Carruthers.