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also pine·y  (pī′nē)
adj. pin·i·er, pin·i·est
Relating to, suggestive of, or abounding in pines.


adj, pinier or piniest
(Forestry) of, resembling, or covered with pine trees


or pin•ey

(ˈpaɪ ni)

adj. pin•i•er, pin•i•est.
1. abounding in or covered with pine trees.
2. pertaining to or suggestive of pine trees.
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The rest of the Chinese names are spelled in pinying.
Arrested along with Kawano are the two Japanese men, Hajime Noguchi, 49, and Kiichi Konishi, 46, and the two Chinese women, Zheng Jianghua, 27, and Ding Pinying, 27.