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Noun1.pipe smoker - a smoker who uses a pipepipe smoker - a smoker who uses a pipe    
smoker, tobacco user - a person who smokes tobacco
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There are many people that use knives in their daily routine: gardeners, campers, pipe smokers, gamekeepers, forestry workers, building trade workers, to name but a few.
No previous study referred to level of hephaestin in tobacco cigarette and water pipe smokers .
It is critical that government regulators appreciate that pipe smokers are a well-identified and small group of adults; pipe smoking is not of interest to adolescents or even young adults.
For most smokers (55%), parents or partners knew that they were hookah pipe smokers and most (76%) were accepting of the practice.
The new paper extends his findings by detecting carcinogens and other bad actors in water pipe smokers themselves, he says.
Shisha or water pipe smokers are at risk of the same kinds of diseases caused by cigarette smoking, including oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the oesophagus, reduced lung function and decreased fertility.
Led by Mohammad Hossein Boskabady, MD, PhD, of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, researchers set out to compare lung function and respiratory symptoms among water pipe smokers, deep or normal inhalation cigarette smokers, and non-smokers.
Public health bosses have commissioned the advert to hammer home the fact to the growing number of water pipe smokers that like cigarettes, it is harmful and can cause cancer.
It was found that water pipe smokers in the study were exposed to three times the carbon monoxide than those who smoked cigarettes.
If you still need convincing then ponder on this - a recent US study revealed cigar smokers have a 34 per cent higher cancer death rate than cigarette or pipe smokers.
Cigar and pipe smokers and smokeless tobacco users absorb nicotine more slowly.