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n.1.The laying of conducting pipes underground, as for water, gas, etc.
2.(Polit. Cant) The act or method of making combinations for personal advantage secretly or slyly; - in this sense, usually written as one word.
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This deal covers transportation and installation projects for platform heavy lifts and pipelaying, along with full engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) for offshore oil and gas field development projects.
The South Stream Transport JV has said a pipelaying ship is expected to berth at the Bulgarian port of Burgas on Sunday for works relating to the Moscow-backed gas pipeline.
The most recent order by Petrofac, an international service provider to the oil and gas industry, is for the design and build of a 2,000-tonne capacity subsea pipelaying system installed on a new deep-water construction vessel in 2016, to lay 36-inch diameter pipe in water depths of up to 3,000 metres.
The company in a press release Friday said it will construct the six 550-tonne pipelaying vessels at its shipbuilding facilities in The Netherlands.
It is easily transported, containerized, and can be deployed to various geographic locations within the same pipe-laying season, leading to significant cost savings for operators who would otherwise have to wait six months or more before their pipelaying requirements can be met.
So how can pipeline contractors ensure that pipe fit-up, welding and pipelaying processes run smoothly with minimal interruptions?
The arrival of the world's largest pipelaying ship, the Solitaire, outside Broadhaven Bay sparked fears of a repeat of sea and land clashes that marred a similar attempt to complete the contentious works last year.
The vessel started operating from CSO's newly established rigid pipe spoolbase in Mobile, after having successfully completed deepwater pipelaying trials in the Atlantic Ocean and in the North Sea.
In addition, we had a large amount of pipelaying and support equipment which also sold well.
Red Marine has provided a high capacity load test system, to Technip, to carry out the periodic load testing of the pipelay system onboard the Skandi Africa, a recently built pipelay and construction vessel, which has been explicitly planned for pipelaying in harsh environments and in water depths of up to 3000m.
The vessel's pipelaying equipment has a tension capacity of 260 tons and a 2,500-ton storage capacity for flexible pipe on the underdeck carousels.
Offshore specialist The Engineering Business has been chosen by Swiss group Allseas to design and supply a new pipeline handling system for a pipelaying vessel.