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 (pī-rē′əs, pĭ-rā′-)
A city of east-central Greece on the Saronic Gulf southwest of Athens. Its port was built in the 5th century bc and after extensive development in the mid-19th century became the principal seaport of the country. In ancient times it was connected with Athens by the Long Walls, two parallel walls some 170 m (550 ft) apart.


(paɪˈriːəs; pɪˈreɪ-) or


(Placename) a port in SE Greece, adjoining Athens: the country's chief port; founded in the 5th century bc as the port of Athens. Pop (municipality): 181 933 (2001). Modern Greek name: Piraiévs


(paɪˈri əs, pɪˈreɪ-)

a seaport in SE Greece: the port of Athens. 196,389.
Greek, Peiraievs.
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The new transit hub is located in Piraeus, Greece and offers a unique geographical position for shorter end-to-end lead times for ocean freight shipments from Far East to Europe and vice versa.
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The centre in Dubai is to be later merged with financing subsidiaries in Singapore, Oslo and Piraeus, Greece, as the 'Unicredit Global Shipping' department.
Montgomery's other SDDC assignments include Inspector General, from 1995-1996, and commander of the 1319th Medium Port Command, Piraeus, Greece, from 1993-1995.
Robert Garside, who ran 35,000 miles across six continents between 1997 and June this year, announced last night he will begin his record attempt in Piraeus, Greece, on June 1.
Piraeus controls Macedonia Thrace Bank, Thessaloniki, Greece, Piraeus Prime Bank, Piraeus, Greece, and Xios Bank, Athens, Greece.
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