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 (pī-rē′əs, pĭ-rā′-)
A city of east-central Greece on the Saronic Gulf southwest of Athens. Its port was built in the 5th century bc and after extensive development in the mid-19th century became the principal seaport of the country. In ancient times it was connected with Athens by the Long Walls, two parallel walls some 170 m (550 ft) apart.


(paɪˈriːəs; pɪˈreɪ-) or


(Placename) a port in SE Greece, adjoining Athens: the country's chief port; founded in the 5th century bc as the port of Athens. Pop (municipality): 181 933 (2001). Modern Greek name: Piraiévs


(paɪˈri əs, pɪˈreɪ-)

a seaport in SE Greece: the port of Athens. 196,389.
Greek, Peiraievs.
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IN Greece, the cruise ship Jupiter sinks outside Piraeus harbour.
Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party have assaulted a police vehicle as it left a ferry in Piraeus harbour, carrying a Pakistan man who has been accused of attempted murder.
Cunard's brand new Queen Mary 2, home to many dignitaries was anchored in Piraeus harbour, tucked behind a boom and guarded by a frigate and soldiers.