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 (pîr′ə-nā′zē, pē′rä-nĕ′-), Giovanni Battista 1720-1778.
Italian artist whose etchings of Rome's ruins contributed to the revival of neoclassicism. His depictions of cavernous imaginary prisons influenced later romantic and surrealist art.

Pi′ra·ne′si·an adj.


(Italian piraˈneːsi)
(Biography) Giambattista (dʒambatˈtista). 1720–78, Italian etcher and architect: etchings include Imaginary Prisons and Views of Rome


(ˌpɪr əˈneɪ zi)

Giambattista, 1720–78, Italian architect and engraver.
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Connecting the various academic departments into a unified entity, the stair is a precipitous, Piranesian conception, both intellectually and physically challenging.
In the course of the film, the main character is associated with Roman ruins and landscapes in Piranesian disarray, while Caspasian's sister Flavia (Stefania Casini) is more at ease in her orthogonal, modern loft.
2) frame the entrance to the great hall, now a realised Piranesian fantasy of calcined stone and mutilated sculptures (Fig.
The results look like Piranesian flowcharts that suggest that society may be beyond visualization, throwing the usefulness of diagrammatic representation in doubt.
Taniguchi has admirably fulfilled the desire of his clients to provide a building that puts the original spirit of MOMA in its place by impressing the viewer as a kind of contemporary, white-walled Piranesian no-place.
The effect I allude to combines Piranesian perspectivism and Asian antiquity and is perhaps most familiar in literature from The Confessions of an English Opium Eater.
The architectural "vestibule of political economy" De Quincey describes here suggests many potential connections with the Piranesian imagery of the Confessions and other images De Quincey uses for the workings of the mind, like the palimpsest and caduceus in Suspiria, and the recurrent figure of the mail coach throughout his works.
Behind the gallery, metal air intakes are shaped like ship's ventilators, while the stale air outlet is a Piranesian joke of sandstones blown out from the front wall, leaving a hole like that which Stirling photographed in a wall of the Albert Dock in 1961.
However, while Pannini's ruin fantasies are still firmly rooted in the formal language of baroque quadratura (illusionistic) painting, in the hands of the younger generation the genre has a more historicist look: they enrich it with archaeological detail studied at first hand as well as with a Piranesian architectural vocabulary and sense of scale.
In an installation of two works, Turm (Tower) and Autobahn, 2003 and 2006, respectively, a two-lane momentarily spirals off the ground like a Hot Wheels racetrack, before landing to career headlong into a Piranesian fantasy tower of vertical highway ribbons.
Although it offers lovely, spatially dynamic vistas through cutouts on the wall, and although a Piranesian ramp hovers above, the space lacks the joyous freedom of Piranesi, even as it lacks the ordered resolution of a Kahn.
But the interior joyride's up to scratch, all Piranesian perspectives thrown through vast windows out to the countryside, and dizzying Alice-in-Wonderland labyrinths--an architectural epitaph, perhaps, to the long-gone good old days of rampant consumerism and razzle-dazzle buildings.