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By 1967 it was estimated 15 million youngsters were listening to 10 pirate radio stations and the Beeb decided to act.
The Last Pirates: Britain's Rebel DJs BBC4, 9pm Think of pirate radio, and many people picture the seafaring DJs of the swinging '60s.
WEST London's finest pirate radio stars are coming to Coventry.
Noting that pirate radio stations interfere with the Emergency Alert System (EAS), can cause health issues from radiation emitted from illegal antennas, interfere with FAA communications with aircraft, and cause interference with legitimately licensed stations.
What is the title of the 2009 film, directed by Richard Curtis, about a pirate radio station?
I followed his career from his early days on pirate radio to TV's Crackerjack and Junior Choice on Radio 2.
A new approach to tackling pirate radio has eradicated the problem in one London borough, and could save up to Au1 million for Londoners by being rolled out across the capital.
Wednesday THE BOAT THAT ROCKED ITV4, 11PM Recently expelled from school, Carl is sent by his mother to stay with his godfather, who runs a pirate radio station, based on a boat anchored in the North Sea.
Another example of this racket dates back to 2000, when Senators John McCain and John Kerry were trying to legalize pirate radio.
05pm) An eclectic group of DJs are the toast of music-lovers across the UK as they broadcast from a pirate radio station, transmitting from a vessel in the North Sea.
Britain's pirate radio stations of the 1960s broadcast bands like the Who and the Rolling Stones to teenagers across the U.
of Chicago) brings this lost world of British pirate radio broadcasting back to life, describing its development from the 1920s onwards; examining in detail the activities of Calvert, Smedley, and colleagues as they built the world of pirate radio; reconstructing the events that led up to the murder; and assessing the impacts of the subsequent scandal and trial on British broadcasting.