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A nonsedating antihistamine, C21H25ClN2O3, used in the form of its hydrochloride to treat allergic rhinitis and other allergic disorders.

[(a)cet(ic acid) + alteration of (pip)erazine.]


n cetirizina
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The first, most obvious, solution hayfever sufferers should try are antihistamine tablets, such as Piriteze or Benadryl, which relieve symptoms significantly.
Current products include the P-medicines of Allercalm, Hayleve, Piriton, Pollonase Antihistamine Tablets (chlorphenamine), Tavegil (clemastine), Benadryl Allergy Relief (acrivastine), Zirtek and Piriteze Allergy Tablets (cetirizine), plus the P / GSL drug Clarityn Allergy (loratidine).
OVER-THE-COUNTER TREATMENTS PIRITEZE Allergy Tablets: If you're going to be heading out in hot weather, take an antihistamine to stop your body responding to the heat.
OVER-THE-COUNTER PRODUCTS Piriteze Allergy Tablets cost pounds 4.
The story made no reference to the firm's Piriton and Piriteze products but adverts for them were included at the back of the book, printed on distinctlycoloured paper.