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 (pē′zə, -zä)
A city of western Italy on the Arno River near the Tyrrhenian Sea. An important Etruscan town, it developed into a powerful maritime republic in the 9th to 11th centuries but was crushed by Genoa in 1284. Florence controlled the city after 1406. The campanile of its cathedral, built 1173-c. 1350, is the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Pi′san adj. & n.


(ˈpiːzə; Italian ˈpiːsa)
(Placename) a city in Tuscany, NW Italy, near the mouth of the River Arno: flourishing maritime republic (11th–12th centuries), contains a university (1343), a cathedral (1063), and the Leaning Tower (begun in 1174 and about 5 m (17 ft) from perpendicular); tourism. Pop: 89 694 (2001)


(ˈpi zə, -zɑ)

a city in NW Italy, on the Arno River: leaning tower. 103,527.
Pi′san, adj., n.
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Noun1.Pisa - a city in TuscanyPisa - a city in Tuscany; site of the famous Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa - a tall round marble campanile in Pisa that is not perpendicular; construction was begun in 1174
Toscana, Tuscany - a region in central Italy
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