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One who is born under the sign of Pisces.

Pi′sce·an adj.


[ˈpaɪsɪən] N to be a Pisceanser piscis
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Prospector and Piscean BUAITEOIR turns out again just two days after running second at Wolverhampton, but I have no qualms about backing him in the 6.
Prince Andrew does seem to have Piscean tendencies, though he is definitely no pushover.
What they say Jane Chapple-Hyam, trainer of Brave Prospector "I'm happy with him but Piscean has to be a danger.
The Maldives are famous for diving with superb underwater scenery, therefore a Cancerian would be in heaven here as would a romantic Piscean with a love of watersports and indeed a sunworshipping Leo.
35 Kempton On the face of it, this should be won by Brave Prospector or Piscean, as they have a clear edge at the weights, but it is questionable whether either wants a tactically run affair, so there could be some value in opposing them.
Three Gemini planets give excellent communications skills and a dislike of emotional "chains", too, and an unusual Piscean configuration adds compassion and healing interests that go beyond the silver screen.
Lenny Bee has been raised only 2lb for an excellent effort at Wolverhampton last time, when he was beaten a quarter of a length by the Whozthecat, and the form has been advertised by fifth Piscean, who has won since.
Project manager, Fiona Jack, said: "Magazines are crammed with features about which Zodiac signs are compatible, and whether a Piscean should date a Taurean.
Having said that, so many Piscean guys manage to seem quite tough and non- emotional - until they have a wee drink or three, that is.
This looks a stronger race because Piscean and Nickel Silver have been in good form, while the likes of Secret Millionaire, Le Toreador, Billy Red and Judge 'N Jury have won over course and distance, and Ziggy Lee's task has been made harder by the fact that he's been raised a pound to a career-high mark.
A superb phase lasts right through until November and then you could be under pressure and suddenly showing that the gentle Piscean has a much stronger side than others suspected.