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One who is born under the sign of Pisces.

Pi′sce·an adj.


[ˈpaɪsɪən] N to be a Pisceanser piscis
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The shining silver scales of Rainbow Fish illuminate the rest of the rainbow scales of this beloved piscean companion and teacher.
PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20 AS a Piscean, you're always up to some sort of typical Piscean behaviour or other, probably being creative, or impulsive or not suffering fools gladly.
Think Piscean and you must think of the sea and floaty materials, which for the men is often represented by linen trousers or even flares.
Piscean Romney's chart is similarly complex and conflicted.
PISCEAN can return to winning ways as he steps back up to seven furlongs in the 32Red Handicap at Kempton.
This isn't a case of piscean graffiti but the result of a campaign between the Environment Agency and Barratt West Midlands.
Fredrik Lotsie the gull is tired of the constant piscean diet, and longs for something more exotic on Snowsmoke Island where he lives.
Not only will you get in touch with your Piscean side, but you'll be doing some serious cardio.
Activate your inner sweetness and that classic Piscean artistic side.
The no-fuss Piscean might do Thanksgiving at the beach, using a wicker blind as a table cloth, aquamarine-colored napkins and then select a clear glass bowl with a candle in the center surrounded by seashells for the centerpiece.
Ark line-up Two by two by two formation on the form book, as both Anaconda and Verse Of Love are front-runners, with Kung Hei Fat Choy and Spirit Of Sharjah usually chasing the pace, and both Piscean and Chapter And Verse hold-up rides.
Jupiter brings family delight and happy home news for many a Piscean as he now takes you on an upward journey where celebration is increasingly likely.