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(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Kyrgyz name for Bishkek



former name (until 1926) of Bishkek.
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Pero luego llego otro invasor, y en los anos de 1825 a 1830 el khan Mujamed Ali de Kokand conquisto a Kirguistan y fundo alla la ciudad de Pishpek, actual capital kirguisa Bishkek.
Born in the Central Asian city of Pishpek (now renamed Frunze) into a Moldavian military family (February 2, 1885); graduated from the Vernyi Academy with a scholarship gold medal (1904); studied at the St.
The ambulance bureau was organized first in Kyrgyzstan in 1924 at Pishpek hospital, where three doctors worked using a horse-drawn carriage.