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n.1.An epistle.
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Drawing on readings of vernacular medieval texts including Chaucer's Man of Law's Tale and The Pistel of Swete Susan (anonymous) on false witness, sermons, and common law as well as postmodern critiques, Taylor (English, Bryn Mawr College) explores such practices as a framework for late medieval writers' examination of obligations and challenges to a community's authority, as in the case of Lollard heretics.
3 curatoures] curatis B mannez] mennus B 4 lyfynge] lyf B like vnto] licly to B *6 sleers of] B, sorye es for MS vnto] to B 6 Pei] And B Antecriste] Antecristes B 7 transfigure ] transfigurid B 8 epistille] pistels B -so] -euere B 10 be auterage] outrage B *11 lyflode] B, lyfynge MS 13 Bernarde .