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 (pĭ-stoi′ə, pē-stō′yä)
A city of north-central Italy northwest of Florence. Settled by Romans in the 6th century bc, it was an important banking center in the 13th century ad and came under the influence of Florence in the 14th century.


(Italian pisˈtoːja)
(Placename) a city in N Italy, in N Tuscany: scene of the defeat and death of Catiline in 62 bc Pop: 84 274 (2001)


(piˈstɔ yɑ)

a city in N Tuscany, in N Italy. 93,516.
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ELASTIC MATERIAL COATED IN FIBERS, A DIAPER COMPRISING SAID ELASTIC MATERIAL AND A METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF: Riccardo Cecconi, Prato, Italy; Barbara Bulleri, Pistoia, Italy; Chiara Allegrini, Lucca, Italy; Stefano Muroni, Pistoia, Italy; and Claudio Giacometti, Pistoia, Italy.
She was a 1938 graduate of Missouri Baptist School of Nursing in St Louis, MO A Public Health nurse until she enlisted as an army nurse in 1941 Her multiple assignments included Fitssimmons Army Hospital, Denver as well as Algeria, No Africa and Pistoia, Italy As an Air Force spouse, she lived in many places both in the USA and abroad prior to retirement in Denver
Summary: Rabat - The Ceppo Academy in Pistoia, Italy, awarded Moroccan poet Mohammed Bennis the 55th Ceppo Pistoia international literature award for his book "Il Mediterranio e la parola" and his collection "le Don du vide", both published in Italy.
PISTOIA, ITALY * Christian environmentalists meeting in Pistoia, central Italy, June 27-28 called for an end to mass consumption and a return to family values.
In autumn 2004, the Zoo of Pistoia, Italy, adopted 2 adult lions that had been born in captivity.
The 107-year-old company, which is based in Pistoia, Italy, opened its first American store in 1971 on Madison Avenue.
He curated the 1968-89 portion of "Continuity: Art in Tuscany," on view in Pistoia, Italy, through June 10.
The reader is also offered a case study of pilgrimage in Pistoia, Italy.
Ricciarelli Srl, Pistoia, Italy, brought a line of packaging machinery for fresh and frozen products, including the FCBX multihead combination weigher, made entirely from stainless steel, and thus completely washable.
the Accord Informatics and Scitegic Pipeline Pilot user group meeting in Pistoia, Italy, Oct.
com/ SUMMER 2004 EUROPEAN TOUR DATES July 2 Amneville, France July 3 Aurich, German July 4 Roskilde, Denmark July 6 Bonn, Germany July 7 Frankfurt, Germany July 9 The Hague, Netherlands July 10 Bocholt, Germany July 11 Freiburg, Germany July 13 & 15 Montreux, Switzerland July 17 Naples, Italy (free show) July 18 Pistoia, Italy July 20 Zagreb, Croatia July 21 Budapest, Hungary July 23 Prague, Czech Republic July 24 Wuerzburg, Germany July 25 Schwaebisch, Germany