Piston displacement

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The problem gets further complicated for simulating simultaneous expansion and compression of the crankcase volume corresponding to the piston displacement.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of an experimental research in which we compared the combustion phases of a spark ignition engine with total piston displacement of 1.
For example, if the piston displacement is reduced by one third, fuel consumption with direct injection can be lowered by 15 percent.
They found that the velocity profiles of the melt in the barrel changed continuously with piston displacement while those in the die were not parabolic in nature.
Evacuation of the vacuum chamber also eliminates atmospheric corrections to the interferometer's measurements of piston displacement.
Options include a digital encoder for the precise measurement of piston displacement and rate of descent, as well as intrinsic-viscosity correlation for PET.
At a certain piston displacement a picture of the sample is taken.
These are, respectively, the piston displacement, the piston speed, the in-cylinder oil volume, and the oil volume inside the capacitor.
A potentiometrical transducer measures this displacement and then gives a stress proportional with the piston displacement '[DELTA]x'.
When the desired piston displacement was achieved, the extrusion process was stopped and the temperature [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] of the rheometer increased to 160 [degrees] C in order to bring about the vulcanization of the rubber.