Piston valve

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(Steam Eng.) a slide valve, consisting of a piston, or connected pistons, working in a cylindrical case which is provided with ports that are traversed by the valve.

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Ares & Zeus Series Angle Seat Valves- The Angle Seat Valve is a 2/2-way pneumatically actuated piston valve for liquids, gases and steam.
It employs a high-performance CLASS 800 piston valve comprised of upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide tight sealing, suitable for PMA to 725 psig and PMO 725 psig.
To the absorber with two pipes, the geometrical change of the turning chamber volume because of the piston movement is equilibrated after the fluid bearing through piston valve as well with the pressure or attraction of oil in that chamber.
The only modifications required to enable the Focus to run on bioethanol fuel are a special engine management system and hardened piston valve seats.
Company's Angle Body Piston Valve line is ideal for applications in the steam and food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and related industrial markets.
Tenders are invited for Kit Overhauling Piston Valve To Nyab Part No.
During emergency braking or evasive maneuvers, the piston travels beyond the grooves, forcing fluid only through the piston valve.
Tenders are invited for K Ring For Piston Valve Assly To Nyab/Kbi Knorr Bremse India Pt No 462574.
The piston valve sealing area does not come into contact with the flow medium.
Tenders are invited for K Ring For Piston Valve Assembly To Nyab/Kbi Knorr Bremse India Pt No 462465.