Piston valve

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(Steam Eng.) a slide valve, consisting of a piston, or connected pistons, working in a cylindrical case which is provided with ports that are traversed by the valve.

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When the piston moves upwards, the piston valve closes and a vacuum is created below it, causing water to be drawn into the cylinder through the foot valve, which opens.
It employs a high-performance CLASS 800 piston valve comprised of upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide tight sealing, suitable for PMA to 725 psig and PMO 725 psig.
The enhanced 810 Series angle body piston valve can be used in a variety of industrial applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, steam, food processing, water technology, and HVAC.
The company currently offers the Skinner, Gold Ring, R Series, Sinclair Collins and new Angle Body Piston Valve lines.
The range includes piston valve designs, piston inline designs and paddle designs for flow control, plus a float switch for level control.
Company's Angle Body Piston Valve line is ideal for applications in the steam and food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and related industrial markets.
Contract awarded for 16981868-kit for overhauling piston valve (bpco/pvbp ) for air brake ccb consisting of eighteen item in one kit to swr part no.
The angle body piston valve line has applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, HVAC, and related industrial markets.
Contract awarded for 1) 17454244-overhauling kit for piston valve (pubit) to knorr bremse pt.